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Our work produces stories of very different people’s lives that give insight into energy and its uses as part of their life courses, including their histories, but also thoughts about the present and imaginings of the future. A big part of our work has involved people in taking photographs of things that made them think about energy and environment in their daily lives.

On our history pin channel we are sharing some of these pictures and images which you can see here.

We would like you to share your memories, stories, views and pictures about energy and environment with us too. You can pin content at the History Pin website, add an energy story here (create energy stories), or post comments and pictures on our Facebook page.

History pin is website for people to unearth and pin as much history as possible from all over the world – from within archives, in attics, and saved up in wise old heads. We are archiving our photos here to share images and pictures of energy use in the present day.

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