Cyswllst Peterston Connect

Group of Peterston volunteers


Cyswllst Peterston Connect is a local organisation in an affluent village community on the outskirts of Cardiff. Established by local residents, Cyswllst Peterston Connect is a sustainable development group which has been running for around two years. One of their current initiatives is related to solar panels, which local residents are self-funding.


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I think somebody once told me that there are more millionaires in the Peterston ward than any other ward in Wales, which may well be true, there’s a lot of very big, very expensive estates and houses around. The village itself is…ordinary but, you know, it’s largish expensive houses, with a little estate that is much more prosaic… So it is that kind of professional relatively wealthy area, quite a lot of business people. It’s very well endowed as a village, it has a very good quality school, primary school, and I think that’s a major factor in the kind of dynamics of the village. Young people move out there with kids because there’s a really good school. And it’s got two pubs and a church and post office and shop, the bus service. So from that point of view it’s fairly well served.”

Peterston Super Ely resident