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One half of our Cardiff case site, Ely and Caerau, is a socially deprived inner-city area. The Futurespace initiative is part of a wider organisation (ACE) created through the local Communities First programme, and focussed on installing solar panels in the local community, funded through a large company external to the community. Changes to the feed-in tariff had an impact on the viability of the scheme.


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There’s a park there, the air is nice, I can smell the wild garlic on a morning there’s lots of shops, it’s easy to the motorway, it’s two miles into town, the bus service is amazing, it’s every five minutes there’s a bus. Originally I was brought up in an area that was not rough but it was ordinary working class people and I quite like being in working class … I quite like this area because it’s quite down to earth. And across the road it has a reputation for a lot of social issues but probably no more than anywhere else in a city or on a huge social estate anywhere to be honest.”

Ely and Caerau resident