Thinking carefully

My childhood memories are of frequent car journeys for no particular reason and shopping trips for very few items. Petrol was very cheap, put into a mini a poundsworth at a time. No central heating but multiple electric fires. Hardly any insulation. When we got central heating there was some insulation but a tiny amount by modern standards. After setting up my own home gradually became aware of increasing energy use. Early adopter of energy saving light bulbs, condensing boiler & extra insulation. Turned electronic equipment off rather than on standby before it was fashionable. Developed reluctance to fly and salved conscience by planting trees and donating money to charity for solar lights for Africa to avoid using kerosene. At work promoted energy conservation & tried to cut down on waste. Recently installed solar panels & try to use my own electricity to best effect. Get frustrated by profligate energy use just because people have the money to spare. Try to do my bit to help the environment. Recycle as much as possible, raid skips for firewood to avoid turning the gas heating on. Wear sweaters instead of turning the heating up. Use the conservatory as a solar heater in spring & autumn. I think that the fact that there are large problems is no reason not to try to do a bit to help.

David, South Wales

Photo of an office recycling bin